Saturday, April 28, 2012

Because you have good taste.

Oh hiiiiiiiiii it's almost May 1st.  What!!  What happened to the last few months?  My last post was clearly about fall fashion...ooops!  Since then Laura and I have been keeping very busy with new schedules and new jobs, we haven't even hugged each others necks since...gasp CHRISTMAS!!  I know, I know, we live in the same city....

  I believe as I write this post she is on some crazy adventure with her husband plowing down the Oregon Trail.  Well actually I might be wrong it might not be the Oregon Trail...I'm just going off clues from his Instagram.  GEEZ I should really pick up the phone and give her a call!  As I start dialing you should look at this crazy amazing etsy store I found called KTJEAN.  Basically I'm obsessed!

If your getting married soon or like me secretly want to be a wedding designer/wedding planner/bride, then you should look at her lovely whimsical made to order dresses!!

I've provided the link below so you don't have to go searching all over the interwebs. 
 I'm nice like that.

Katie Jean Sneak Peak!

Ok love you bye!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Victoria's 10 Favorite Fall Fashions

1. Colored Denim

2. Neon Nails

3. Polka Dots

4. Sparkle

5. Veronica Lake Waves

6. Lace


7. Bows

8. Layering
9. Pleats

10. Stripes

Happy Shopping!!


music mondays: Christmas with the Royal Sons and Mariah McManus

This music post brought to you by... the flu. Yes. Awesome. All day of epic sickness yesterday and at least 7 good friends have it too. Whoever started this mess is in real trouble.

its Christmas. 
My house looks like a magazine, the stockings are hung on the bookshelf with care and the puppy has a ribbon on. I hold back my Christmas music listening until the first of December. 
And this year, She & Him put out a Christmas album 

and Michael Buble swayed in with a new Christmas record too.

But, the song you should be listening to is this one
The Royal Sons Featuring Mariah McManus

Enjoy some Christmassy goodness and try to stay away from whoever is sharing the flu out there.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Here at Lace & Leaf we are incredibly excited to announce that as of today the 

Lace & Leaf ETSY Store is now up and running!!  

Don't forget that part of the proceeds of every item sold go towards stopping human trafficking via our friends at She Dances!


Sunday, December 4, 2011


The truth is...I'm in a bit of a funk.

I'm sitting in front of the fire watching a Lifetime movie about Santa Claus and I've written and erased every draft of this blog so far.  Funny how when I get down to it I would rather pretend that life is always happy and wonderful and exciting instead of what it is, a rollercoster of good times and low times.  This time is a low time. 
I'm in a funk and I hate it.  I hate admitting it, I hate subjecting others to it and I hate that I can't always fix it.  The last month(s) or so has felt off, maybe it's because I turned another year older without some major life changes happening, maybe it's because I cut off my hair and haven't felt like myself since, maybe it's because a lot of my friends have been complaining to me about their lives and I've picked up on their sour attitudes.  Whatever the reason is it stinks and I feel like I'm wadding about in waist high mud about to drown in the swamp of sadness (Neverending Story reference).
So there it is.  My life is in a rut, i feel out of it and exasperated. 

BUT (yes here is the but part)  BUT I follow a loving and faithful God and I know that even when I feel down and out he has enough love to pick me up and comfort me.  That even when I don't understand things or feel ugly, fat, lonely or discouraged and am missing people whose word is good and whose intentions are pure ... HE is there. 
God is ALWAYS good, ALWAYS faithful, ALWAYS loving, ALWAYS just, ALWAYS compassionate, and ALWAYS there to listen.

So, i will tell him how I'm in a rut and how some days I feel fat and ugly and as of late incredibly discouraged, and HE will listen and love on me and I will be OK.

I believe 100% in that.


Thursday, November 24, 2011


To all our friends, family and readers


So so so thankful for you!

p.s. official thanksgiving movie moment:

Monday, November 21, 2011

music mondays: bernhoft

this post is brought to you by NORWAY!
oh how i wish this man and i were friends. just so he could sprinkle some of his incredible creativity upon me. 
oh how i wish that he would come sing in LA so i could watch his ridiculous ways in person. 

bernhoft is the new definition of a one-man-band.

put your headphones on and WATCH this video. 

Jarle Berhoft
C'mon Talk

p.s. side note... i just had to put soy creamer into my americano. my heart is heavy. my soul is sad. my body does not like the hormones in milk. my americano has been altered. my americano has been wronged. my life will never be the same.

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